FIT Resources together with the Ministry of Health and the Diocese of Meru Catholic Women Association (CWA) Pastoral Department Office have been partnering together since 2011 to date facilitating a workshop for the Catholic Womens Association leaders in Meru County.

The workshop is attended by over 60 participants, consisting of leaders from 37 parishes in the Diocese.

The Women Leadership and Management Workshop is held at Egoji Teachers College, located in Meru County, in mid of April. The objective of the workshop is to support development of knowledge and skills for women leaders in the following areas:

  •       Commitment based leadership.
  •       Leadership Styles.
  •       Conducting of meetings.
  •       Roles of Leaders.
  •       Women Health.
  •       Team building.
  •       Mobilization for effective leadership.
  •       Time Management.
  •       Financial Management.
  •       Preparation of Action Plan