Optimization of smallholder farm incomes through ICT

FIT is engaged in mainstreaming mobile telephony in its radio programmes and effectively enhance access to markets by smallholder farmers in Value Chains in which tdevelopment partners are working by building capacities of Value Chain players to organise and manage their information needs through ICT applications.

More specifically, FIT is engaged in hosting Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to support radio stations airing agri-business programmes, where frequently needed information may be posted for accessibility to stakeholders in selected value chains.  FIT  initial focus is on value chains in which a development partner in mount kenya called Help Self Help Center (HSHC) are working during on a three year project from 2011 to 2015. Their main focus is on tree tomato and strawberry value chains.

The IVR facility disseminates information through interactive voice response. FIT also has set up a digital information collection and aggregation system that will collect information from other key players in the agri-business sector. The information is usually packaged for wider dissemination using radio, and hosted on the IVR system for access by mobile telephones.

Description of actual services provided by FIT;

  • Setting up an IVR System that  hosts answers to frequently asked questions,
  • Training of the Help Self-Help Centre in collection of content for media.
  • Training of production staff of the station (Rware FM) in providing Business Development services.
  • Infrastructure support in terms of recording and editing equipment, and devising a feedback system for the station, Freedom Fone IVR
  • Linking the station with strategic partners to support content provision
  • Training and linking radio station staff to advertisers
  • Developing an online content management system (http://rwarefm.co.ke/)as an add on channel of communication with their audience

Backstopping and technical advise to radio station