Farmer Voice Radio (FVR) brought a new concept of agricultural extension to serve the small-holder farmers of Africa. It offered an alternative to the conventional system of agricultural extension and education, which did not reach the majority of small farmers due to resource and capacity constraints. The FVR model linked existing agricultural extension officers to a radio-based system, supplemented by cell phones, that captured near-ideal agriculture extension support to a few farmers, and scaled it to the nation.

FIT was a member of the FVR consortium which also included 3 Kenyan Universities, 4 community radio stations and the Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers. FIT was a key national partner that filled the project’s Sustainability Specialist position in the FVR Kenya office as well as supporting community mobilization in the country. The stations we worked with are KBC Swahili FM, Coro FM,(Broadcasting nationwide), Serian FM (Samburu, Eastern region), Sauti FM (Asembo Bay, Lake Victoria Region), Mugambo FM (Meru, Mt Kenya Region), Radio Mang’elete FM (Kibwezi, Eastern Region)

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