Business Development Consultancy

FIT implements activities aimed at facilitating market improvement by increasing demand and/or improving supply. Our work as a BDS facilitator focuses on influencing individuals and organisations to engage in different ways of doing business in such a manner that does not create dependency or undermine their ability to solve their own problems. It’s about visioning and engaging partners via indirect interventions such as relationship and awareness building, brokering linkages and networking.

Our main Programs are:

ICT and Media

In supporting the development of SMEs, FIT has determined that better results are obtained through working with New Media, to reach more people in a faster and more cost-effective way. ICT and Broadcast media afford a more timely delivery of information and better channels for determining what information is needed in boosting the competitiveness of the SMEs.

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Research Monitoring and Evaluation

Frequently organisations fail to keep up their competitive edge due to inadequate information on current  local, regional and global trends. FIT helps organizations to innovate, design and develop products, strengthen their capacities to carry out  monitoring and evaluation, and institutionalize organisational diagnosis.

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Strategy formulation

More often organisations do not optimize their operations because the staff, the management and stakeholders do not understand the vision of the organisation. We provide facilitation and backup for development of business strategic plans.

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