Board Members

FIT has put in place an advisory board that works closely wit the management in charting FIT’s path towards fulfilling its mission. The board members bring on board a diverse yet rich mix of experience and professionalism gained from long years of practice in the business and development world.

Richard Isiaho 

He  is a Certified Public Accountant by profession and has also been trained as a management consultant and trainer. Richard is the Executive Director of FIT Resources. He is a Business Development Services and organizational development expert who has over twenty two years of experience and is a Council member at the Kenya Institute of Management. Richard has worked in various countries in the region including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Ethipoia and South Africa. Richard has been team leader of various strategy development activities for both development and private sector organisations in Kenya. He has recently concluded a Value Chain assessment for Honey Care Africa (T) Limited in the beekeeping sub-sector. Richard is also a material development expert and master trainer.

Ailsa Buckley 

holds a BA First Class Honours degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. She also holds a post graduate diploma in Management and an MBA from LUMC. Ailsa is an enterprise development specialist with over 16 years experience across Africa including Kenya, Somalia and Sudan. Ailsa’s key experience lies in enterprise development, value chain development and access to and provision of business development services (BDS). Her work directly relates to the commercialisation of services and more recently to stimulating specific markets to be competitive via facilitation of the private sector and strengthening of value chain support markets. This has included numerous initiatives in the coffee, milk, rice, apiculture, gemstones, natural cosmetic products and gums/resins sectors. Ailsa has a range of skills to increasing private sector enterprise incomes through BDS. She is familiar with BDS market development, BDS performance measurement frameworks and the market systems approach incorporating value chain approaches and business reform.Ailsa also has extensive experience as an adult trainer and master trainer and developed and implemented numerous vocational skills training and capacity building training programmes with experience in business management training and the delivery on modern interactive training methods in cross cultural environments.

Elizabeth Mueni Kimulu 

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from University of Western Ontario, London-Ontario, Canada and a BA Sociology (Hons), University of Nairobi, Kenya, Certificate in Gender Application for Development, Makerere University & IDS Sussex .Elizabeth Kimulu is a development specialist with considerable experience in project management, community development, human rights and governance issues, gender and development. She is very knowledgeable on issues of democratic development and socio economic livelihoods. Elizabeth has extensive field experience in Kenya particularly in arid and semi-arid areas where she has performed technical advisory and project management roles. She started her career fifteen years ago working for the Government of Kenya as a Social Development Officer for 10 years in various districts and disciplines. Since then, Elizabeth has built her expertise working for different organizations in both long term and short-term assignments. In particular, while working for an international NGO, FARM Africa, Acacia Consultants and recently for USIU/USAID Victims of torture grant, she was exposed to a wide scope of development issues. She has experience of working for a variety of funding and development agencies, including USAID, Tearfund, ICCO, OFDA-USAID, ITDG, SNV-Kenya, Christian Aid and ACK-Nakuru Inter Diocesan Christian Community Services.

Aleke Dondo

Thomas Obiero

Mellisa Baker