Research Monitoring & Evaluation


Frequently organisations fail to keep up their competitive edge due to inadequate information on current  local, regional and global trends. FIT helps organizations to innovate, design and develop products, strengthen their capacities to carry out  monitoring and evaluation, and institutionalize organisational diagnosis.


Specific products that FIT offers are:

  • Market Assessments
  • Baseline surveys
  • Product development
  • Project monitoring and evaluation

The following are assignments FIT has undertaken and completed  under this program:

FIT Resources an emerging expert in M&E for M4P Programmes 

FIT Resources in keeping with the most current development model known as the M4P approach (making Markets work For the Poor) or Market Systems approach, is strategically positioning itself to particularly become the institution doing Monitoring and Evaluation for M4P programmes in the region. 

Assignment Name: Development of a media driven knowledge framework targeting smallholder farmers and off farm business activities in Tanzania

Country: Tanzania

Name of Client: Rural Livelihoods Development Company



Assignment Name: Operational Auditor and Impact Assessment Contract for the Ministry of Industrialization / World Bank Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Competitiveness Project

Country: Kenya

Location within Country: The MSME project is a national project covering Nairobi, Central, Eastern, Rift Valley Coast, Western and Nyanza Provinces

Name of Client: Ministry of Industrialization / World Bank



Assignment Name: Enabling Environment for Cooperatives Research

Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia, Swaziland and Malawi

Name of Client: International Cooperative Alliance, Regional Office for Africa